Voltage Optimisation & Power Factor Correction

A more efficient voltage means a more efficient business. Reduced voltage can mean reduced costs. Approximately 70% of buildings in Australia receive electricity at a higher voltage than they need.

The allowable voltage range in Australia is 216-253 volts (AS60038). Due to the nature of the electricity grid, most buildings receive voltage on the higher end of this range.

Voltage Optimisation provides many benefits; however it is not right for all clients and all buildings. There are important factors that need to be considered on every project to determine if voltage optimisation is suitable.

It is a cost-effective option to save your equipment, save your power consumption, and save your electricity bills!!

Power Factor Correction Systems will raise your business efficiency, lower your carbon footprint and reduce your risk of equipment failure. This saves your business time, energy and money.

Inefficient electrical systems tend to use a large quantity of ‘reactive’ power (kVAr), which represents the power lost in the operation of inductive equipment such as transformers, electric motors and a many lighting products. This increases the total power load represented by your kVA – and reduces your overall energy efficiency, or ‘Power Factor’.

Power Factor is the ratio between your kVA, or total power load, and your kW, or the actual power working for your business. Power factor is measured on a scale between zero and one, with 1.0 representing optimal energy efficiency meaning what you pay for is what is doing actual work.

Traditionally, our electricity has been charged according to a kW (kilowatt) demand tariff which is commonly known as ‘real power’. This means that you are charged for the electricity that you actually use.

The change is that you will now be charged according to a kVA (kilovolt-ampere) demand tariff which is commonly known as ‘apparent power’ (or real power plus re-active power kVAr). Every electrical facility consumes an amount of re-active power. This energy is considered ‘wasted’ as it does not perform useful work. So if your billing has changed to a kVA demand tariff and you have a poor Power Factor, you are definitely paying for that wasted power.

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