Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC)

Background Challenge

State Sports Centre Trust engaged Carbonetix to undertake an energy and utility management project as part of reducing the environmental footprint of their operations across the four Melbourne Sports Centres sites. The project outcomes include the identification of cost saving opportunities, the quantification of the organisation’s environmental footprint (energy and water), and a suite of recommendations for improving utility management and environmental performance.

Energy Management Review

A desktop energy management review was undertaken to identify potential opportunities for energy efficiency or renewables across four sites which include:

  • HVAC Scheduling;
  • Lighting upgrade;
  • Increase Solar PV capacity;
  • Power factor Correction;
  • Detail investigation of the pool pumps to scope optimization.


Low-cost ECMs identified could save $71,093 across four sites with potential GHG savings of 236.6 tCO2e-.

Utility accounts review, issues identification and resolution

  • A review of all of SSCT utility accounts was conducted using data and account information provided by MSC and respective utility retailers;
  • A master list of all utility accounts was produced;
  • 50 electricity, gas, and water accounts across different sites of MSC facilities were reviewed;
  • Several potential issues concerning billing, metering, or accounts, each with varying degrees of significance were identified.

The identification and resolution of such issues can potentially save Melbourne Sports Centers a lot of money every year in unnecessary utility costs.

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