Agriculture Victoria

Agriculture Energy Investment Plan 2018

Background Challenge

The Agriculture Energy Investment Plan (AEIP) is a $30M funding program supports agricultural businesses to improve energy productivity, manage energy costs, improve reliability, and support own-generation capacity. The Plan comprises of energy assessments to facilitate farms to apply grants under the program. The plan also includes demonstrations, skills & education, and research.

Summary Solution & Methodology

Carbonetix conducted energy assessment in 157 agricultural farms across Victoria including dairy, piggery, cropping, poultry, winery and horticulture. The objective was to provide detailed and un-biased advice on energy efficiency and own-generation opportunities tailored to individual farm businesses. We also helped farms to contact the suitable technology providers.

On-Farm opportunities identified

  • Chillers & Refrigeration: Upgrade refrigeration system, refrigerant de-fouling; waste heat recovery from refrigeration system;
  • Pumps & Fans: Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) for vacuum pumps; irrigation pumps & glycol chiller pumps; Upgrade EC fans;
  • Tank & Hot Water System: Insulation or upgrade of hot water service;
  • Renewable Energy: Biogas; Solar PV and Solar Thermal Water Heater;
  • Energy Metering/Monitoring/Automation: Upgrade/modify Building Management System (BMS); Install sub-meter and set-up monitoring system.
ShadowFax Winery & Vineyard


Shadowfax Winery located in Werribee and the whole operation includes winery, vineyard, restaurant, and commercial kitchen. The winery participated in AEIP program in 2019 and a Type-2 energy assessment was conducted by CX. The major energy consumer in a typical winery is the refrigeration process which include chilling, fermentation, cold stabilisation and wine storage. Shadowfax also has a restaurant and a commercial kitchen, which consume a substantial amount of energy.

Energy Conservation Measures

Potential savings were identified in the following areas:

  • Refrigerant de-fouling (RFT);
  • Small BMS with integration of CO2 Sensor and economizer;
  • LED lighting and light sensing for barrel room;
  • Heat recovery from refrigeration system;
  • Solar PV for winery and restaurant (60 kW);
  • Install variable speed drives (VSDs) on Glycol chiller pumps.

Results/ Outcome

Shadowfax Winery has been successful in securing grant from Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions (DJPR) for two initiatives: Solar PV and installing BMS for their restaurant.

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