Solar Feasibility Study

One way to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint is to install a solar PV system.

CarbonetiX can perform a detailed analysis with its state-of-the-art modelling tools to determine whether a solar PV system is suitable and help you build a strong business case. A Solar Feasibility Study is an in-depth analysis of:

  • Current electricity tariffs and energy demand profile
  • Location and roof suitability
  • System sizing, solar generation curve and annual yield
  • Solar market, providers, and technology explained
  • Capital costs of a solar system, including a comprehensive breakdown of payback period and long-term electricity and cost savings

CarbonetiX can also consider the following during the study:

  • asset life cycle
  • site/ facility ownership and management arrangements
  • building and safety compliance requirement
  • other relevant legislation and building standards

A solar system can be complimented by an energy storage system if required. CarbonetiX has a network of suppliers that provide installation services and excellent technical support to ensure your solar PV system is well-maintained through its service life.

To find out how CarbonetiX can deliver this service for you, please contact us.