Energy Monitoring & Tracking Services

Monitoring energy systems and equipment performance helps to improve operational efficiency. Keeping an eye on your energy usage enables you to identify any out of ‘normal’ energy spend. You can minimise unwanted usage, costs, greenhouse gas emissions by monitoring and tracking your energy usage.

With CarbonetiX engineered IoT based solutions, you can monitor, log, and track your electrical, water and gas usage. This will give you valuable information about when and how you are using your resources. This then allows you to optimise your usage to ensure you are getting the best value for your spend. With real time monitoring of your energy usage, and robust alarm and alert management features, CarbonetiX systems allow you to control your energy usage and minimise your carbon emissions.

Typical Monitoring & Tracking Applications

  • Building energy usage
  • Site submetering segmentation
  • Portfolio energy analysis
  • Industrial process energy consumption
  • Process control (system) energy usage
  • Energy tracking, analysis and reporting

Real-time energy monitoring can deliver real results. Installing permanent smart metering and monitoring at a site is the best way to consistently manage and optimise energy performance.

If you don’t measure
You can’t manage,
You can’t control,
You can’t improve,
You lose money!

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