Measurement & Verification

As defined by IPMVP “Measurement and Verification” (M&V) is the process of planning, measuring, collecting, and analysing data for the purpose of verifying and reporting energy savings within an individual facility resulting from the implementation of energy conservation measures (ECMs).

At CX, we believe your energy savings journey does not stop with an energy audit. It begins after you have finished an audit and decides to move forward. M&V is an important step before you implement any ECM to quantify and verify accurate savings of your energy efficiency upgrades.

M&V activities consist of some or all of the following:

  • meter installation calibration and maintenance,
  • data gathering and screening,
  • development of a computation method and acceptable estimates,
  • computations with measured data, and
  • reporting, quality assurance, and third-party verification of reports.

Our Measurement and verification professionals will help you create M&V plan, review the plan or support you in all the M&V activities required to complete the reports.

To find out how CarbonetiX can deliver this service for you, please contact us.