Refrigerant de-fouling

CarbonetiX through its partner EnviroTemp,provides an engineered Refrigerant Treatment Solution.

From day one, HVAC systems, including commercial grade air conditioning, chiller and refrigeration unit begins losing energy efficiency due to the effects of oil fouling. Typical oil fouling, which is the accumulation of unwanted deposits in the coil system of your HVAC unit can lead to an energy efficiency loss of up to 30% in the early stages of the units life. This happens through no fault of your own, it has nothing to do with how much you invested in your system, the brand you have or how often you have it serviced.

Making existing equipment work better is the most cost-effective way of reducing energy consumption. All systems that use refrigerant, such as milk chillers, drop in efficiency within the first few years of their lifespan due to oil fouling. Oil fouling usually leads to a loss of efficiency by 7% in the first year, 5% in the second year, and 2% every following year according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Any drop-in efficiency means the milk will take longer to drop to temperature.

Refrigerant treatment provides a long-term solution to oil fouling within refrigerant piping. The treatment displaces the molecular build-up, increasing the heat transfer rate - preventing future build up. This increases the efficiency of heat transfer. Treatment generally improves system efficiency by between 10-15% but can be as high as 18% in some cases. Refrigerant treatment is a one-off occurrence that offers long term results, reducing energy consumption, decreasing associated energy and maintenance costs.

EnviroTemp is a fully patented technology and carries a 12-month warranty.

EnviroTemp has been performance tested to the following International Standards:

GB/T77725-1996, ANSI/ASHRAE58 & ISO5151

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