End-use Energy Analysis & Reporting

The Smart Investigator service offers a low cost, entry level energy assessment for your business. Our energy management specialists will analyse the energy use from your Smart Meter to provide a comprehensive, but user-friendly report.

The Smart Investigator report offers the following key features:

  • Annual energy cost and consumption figures
  • Time of use consumption breakdown
  • Graphical breakdown of energy use by month
  • Daily energy load profile with a comparison across seasons
  • Power factor review (if available)

This report will provide high-level insight into your business’s energy use which serves to highlight potential cost and emissions saving opportunities. They can also be used to identify anomalies or inefficiencies in your energy consumption.

The Smart Investigator is the ideal first step to understanding your energy consumption and provides all the information required to start improving the sustainability of your business.

Key Features Benefits
High level facility overview Understand the unit cost of your business
Baseline electricity consumption breakdown Provides clarity of overall electricity needs
Time of use consumption breakdown Highlight load sifting opportunities
Site specific energy intensity Identify potential energy wastage
Power factor review Allows benchmarking of our operation
Graphs of monthly energy usage and peak demand Identify any electrical anomalies
Graphs of seasonal daily energy load profiles Predict fluctuations in energy
Observations from data analysis Identify improvement opportunities
Highlight potential cost savings and key recommendations Prioritise energy performance

To find out how CarbonetiX can deliver this product for you, please contact us.