Carbon Accounting Software

CarbonetiX is proud to offer CarbonMetriX, a total Energy, Utilities and Carbon Accounting software solution, used by government and commercial organisations throughout Australia.

For your business needs you would use accounting software such as Xero or MYOB, for personal income tax, you use calculators such as but for carbon accounting, you need a CarbonMetriX! CarbonMetriX is a cloud-based energy and environmental management system designed to provide a centralised location for organisations to manage energy accounts, usage, cost and emissions data for financial and environmental reporting purposes.

CarbonMetriX Features

  • A centralised online utilities database
    • Site/ facility details
    • Utility account details and consumption, emissions, and cost data
  • Quickly generate environmental and financial reports
    • The organisation, facility type, site, and account level
    • Top 20 sites/ accounts
  • Full editing, data management, and reporting capabilities, within an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Create and manage user profiles, including writing and read-only permissions
  • Store financial details, including cost centres, account codes, leasing arrangements, and budget
  • Store consumption, cost, and emissions data for vehicle, LPG, waste, and paper

CarbonMetriX provides users with full control over their data and account details and is supported by our experienced team of Energy Management Consultants.

CarbonMetriX has been designed for commercial and government organisations that are responsible for multiple utility accounts and environmental monitoring and reporting.

  • Property Management
  • Building/Facility Management
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Environment
  • Sustainability

CarbonMetriX streamlines the day-to-day management of utility accounts, data, and issues across all utilities by providing:

  • Identify and allocate utility accounts
  • Verify and approve invoices
  • Track budgets
  • Generate financial reports
  • Arrange for tenants to pay their own utilities
  • Identify opportunities for energy efficiency initiatives
  • Track emissions and generate emissions reports
  • Identify water leaks and usage habits
  • Integrate utility information into project planning

Please contact one of our sales engineers to discuss further how CarbonMetriX can solve your utility management issues.

CarbonetiX are proud to be Registered Climate Active Consultant

To find out how CarbonetiX can deliver this product for you, please contact us.