Beacon Lighting Solar Battery Feasibility Studies

Background Challenge

Beacon Lighting operates two distribution centres located in Derrimut and Parkinson. Carbonetix has been engaged to do an energy assessment to perform a feasibility study and produce a solution to reduce high power bills that consisted of up to 28% demand charges of the entire bill.

Solutions Recommended

A battery storage system was considered alongside an expansion of the sites’ existing rooftop solar PV system. A battery system would complement the expansion of solar PV by enabling greater demand control and enhancing the on-site consumption of solar generation.

The following factors were taken into consideration whilst producing this solution:

  • Current electricity rates and demand profile;
  • Location and roof suitability;
  • System sizing, solar generation curve and annual yield;
  • Solar market, providers, and technical explanations;
  • Capital costs of a solar system, including a comprehensive breakdown of payback period and long-term electricity and cost savings.


Site Total Project Cost $ Savings p.a. GHG emissions saving p.a. (tCO2e-) Return on Investment
Derrimut $ 164,265 $ 25,677- 102.2 7.18 years
Parkinson $ 184,314 $ 35,704- 105.8 5.74 years

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