Nufarm Submetering Project

Nufarm Submetering Project 2019

Background Challenge

Nufarm engaged CarbonetiX looking to better understand how energy was being utilised at its western melbourne facility. The site consists of several plant lines producing agricultural products, they also had some warehouse and office facilities. Nufarm wanted to see a finer level of detail on where power was being used at different times as well as the impact on power factor and reactive power

Summary Solution & Methodology

To deliver this project CarbonetiX devised a metering solution using their SmartPortal platform.

8 power circuits in total have been moniotored since installation without incident.

A dashboard was setup to allow Nufarm to view graphs showing

  • KW (KiloWatt) Load Profile
  • KVA (KiloVoltAmpre) Profile
  • KVAR (KiloVoltAmpreReactive) Profile
  • KWH (KiloWattHour) Profile

Instantaneous and Averaged values from /hour values are collected

Monthly reports detailing daily KWH were also setup to be automatically sent via email.

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