Automatic Utility Bill Processing

CarbonetiX through its partner Bid Energy, provides an Automatic Utility Bill Management Solution.

CarbonetiX and Bid Energy have partnered to provide a fully integrated Automatic bill process data management platform.

This auto bill process is a complete digital, automatic utility bill processing system. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interfaces directly with the retailers data, imports the billing data into the Bid Energy platform, verifies and validates it, and then uploads it directly into the finance system.

Authorisation and checking steps can be set in place to customise to any organisations delegations and bill approval requirements.

This completely removes the need for any handling of any utility bills and existing manual processes.

The Bid Energy service is operated, accessed and managed remotely. Something that is an extremely important benefit in the current and future work environment. With bill data constantly being retrieved automatically from the retailers, it instantly provides accurate and up to date real time reporting, analysis and process workflow.

It results in no-one has to touch the data, open bills, source data from retailers, obtain bill data, open csv file, upload csv files. The system does all of that automatically.

  • Cost of managing a bill be currently. (independently valued at $25-$35 per bill). Digital ($10 per bill)
  • Value of 100% RPA Bill Validation
  • Value of RPA driven Data Cost Avoidance
  • Value CarbonetiX can drive by using this information
  • Strategically to support customers achieve energy efficiency and emissions targets.

Please contact one of our sales engineers to discuss further how we can provide an Automatic Utility Bill and data management solution to meet your needs.

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