Yvonne Mao

Yvonne graduated with a Master of Engineering (Sustainable Energy) at RMIT University, where she competed her thesis on Unitised Reversible Fuel Cell. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (Chemical Engineer).

Yvonne has worked as a Warranty Specialist and Technical Support Consultant in solar energy industry. She is responsible for the assessment of hardware, software and network relating issues on solar power systems. She also assisted customers by telephone to diagnose problems with their solar power systems, provided technical support, and where necessary liaise with electricians in order to solve more complex technical problems.

Prior to her work in Australia, she worked as a Bumping Process Engineer in semiconductor industry. Her responsibilities in the company has developed her troubleshooting ability in the context of the diverse processes of semiconductor manufacturing across the plant, especially in the coating and photomasking processes.

Yvonne now focuses her skills on energy industry, where she believes she can have a positive influence on sustainable development. She is currently in charge of city councils’ utility management. She identifies excess energy usage, better tracking utility costs, measuring inconsistencies, implementing energy saving policies and saves ongoing costs.

To keep track of the large quantity of information, she developed database systems to track energy usage using monthly interval utility data and creating alerts for ease of use. Often site investigations were undertaken to gather firsthand data, from there determining causes for excess usage of energy.