Moez Ageeb

Moez has 14 years of experience managing and executing engineering projects in the building services and oil and gas industries. He was responsible for high-profile, complex operations on onshore and offshore oil and gas rigs, with a monthly income of $1M. Moez was also in charge of providing technical support and training to site engineers when it comes to data and troubleshooting analysis.

Throughout his building services career, Moez oversaw daily on-site work as well as the construction and commissioning of HVAC and firefighting systems. He worked on projects worth $75M+ as a consultant and contractor engineer. Moez was responsible for testing as well as analysing the design and technical standards for mechanical services. He oversaw the work of 250+ people, promoting and monitoring on-site health and safety practises and collaborating with other departments to meet projects requirements successfully.

Moez is interested in the role of HVAC systems in phasing out gas and reducing carbon emissions. He conducted technical feasibility reports for clients looking to transition their buildings from natural gas to electric alternatives and natural refrigerants. Moez has helped clients verify and assess HVAC systems designs and select suitable environment-friendly HVAC and water heating systems.

Qualifications/ Professional competencies:
• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
• Engineers Australia
Skills/ experience:
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrification and equipment selection
• HVAC design
• Project management
• Community and stakeholder engagement
• Data acquisition and analysis
• Troubleshooting and root cause Analysis
• Technical specification/feasibility reporting
• Energy auditing (AS/NZS 3598)
• Energy management and policy
• OH&S Compliance