Electrical System Monitoring

Tracking electrical system and equipment performance helps to improve operational efficiency.  With CarbonetiX IoT based solutions, you can track and respond to power anomalies and gain valuable information about how your electrical distributions system delivers power to equipment and critical loads.  This then enables you to maintain easy control of electrical equipment while improving electrical system safety.  With real time monitoring of electrical parameters, and robust alarm management features, CarbonetiX systems allow you to attack potential problems before they become crises.

Power Reliability and Availability

Proactively monitor your sensitive power equipment with CarbonetiX systems.  By effectively monitoring both your primary electrical infrastructure, and your backup power systems, CarbonetiX ensures you always have power when you most need it.  Power monitoring and electrical system performance tracking helps to enhance system reliability.  Reliable power means equipment malfunctions, power spikes and shutdowns can be minimised, allowing you both to save money and get peace of mind knowing that your facility is well monitored.  Maximise your facility uptime and pro-actively optimise your power network.

Asset Management

Effectively managing electrical equipment can improve operational efficiency and your bottom line.  CarbonetiX systems help you enhance your electrical assets by helping you optimise your existing equipment and manage your maintenance plans effectively.

  • Avoid overloading existing equipment
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs for new power equipment
  • Extend equipment lift-span and reduce maintenance costs

Power Quality

Power quality issues may not always be easy to spot but these hidden problems can affect multiple aspects of your business, with a long list of destructive and costly effects.  Poor power quality may reduce efficiency, cause higher utility and energy costs, and cause expensive downtime.  With CarbonetiX systems, you can identify and analyse power quality problems like voltage sags, harmonics, etc. in order to ensure your electrical systems run smoothly.  Gaining power quality intelligence and control will help improve operations, reduce downtime, extend asset life, improve energy efficiency and lower costs.

Event Forensics

With so many pieces of equipment, systems and processes in place, understanding and identifying issues can be challenging.  After a power disturbance or disruption, diagnosing the root of the issue is critical for recovery and prevention.  CarbonetiX power quality metering and root cause analysis can help show cascading effects of events.

Comprehensive Power and Energy Management

From a complete range of energy and power quality meters, to energy and power management software suites, and even power quality correction solutions, CarbonetiX has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.  Manage your entire power network and build a complete energy management system.  From basic to advanced needs, our scale-able and flexible solutions fit any application.

End-to-end Support with Energy and Power Quality Expertise:

A specialist with many years of experience in energy management and power distribution, we are a trusted advisor that can partner with you on building the power and energy management system perfect for your needs.  CarbonetiX will partner with you on every aspect of your project from design and construction to training, maintenance, and support for the entire service life of your system.  Installation and commissioning support, product and software training, technical support, energy consulting and power system studies are available for maximum support.