Carbon Accounting

Carbon Accounting

Carbon Accounting is the measurement and control of carbon emissions. This is usually referred to within a specified boundary, such as a company or other organisation. This definition would include both carbon accounting and carbon reporting processes.

Carbon Management Principles

As a new and potentially complex topic, the practice of carbon management benefits from a structured approach. Such a structure may be as simple as a few steps (consider waste management’s “reduce, reuse, recycle” hierarchy) or as comprehensive as a management framework.

1. Measure
2. Set objectives
3. Avoid
4. Reduce
5. Switch
6. Sequester
7. Assess
8. Offset

How Can We Help?

The CarbonetiX team has demonstrated experience providing carbon accounting and reporting services for many clients. We have a highly specialised team including mechanical engineers, sustainability consultants and energy auditors.

Our services include:

•Sourcing and verification of utility data

•Quantification of emissionsusing NCOS and NGER approved standards

•Review and verification of GHG inventories

•Development of implementableemission reduction strategies.

•Calculationand modellingof potential trajectories to net carbon neutrality