Department of Justice – Heating Control System

The Wulgunggo Ngalu Learning Place (WNLP), located at Won Wron, Gippsland in Eastern Victoria, is operated by the Department of Justice (DoJ).  This site includes various buildings and residential units.

A problem had been identified with the three manually-operated LPG hydronic heating systems often left on during the day when residential buildings were empty. This lead to an unnecessarily high consumption of LPG, with the facility incurring high costs and greenhouse gas emissions.



CarbonetiX worked with the DoJ to improve the control of heating systems to reduct energy consumption at the facility, reducing costs and associated emissions.

The implementation of Building Automation System (BAS) for the heating system included monitoring ambient temperatures and installing temperature set points within rooms, preventing heating systems being left on unnecessarily.


Installing the BAS resulted in a 30% reduction of LPG consumption per annum, providing significant costs and emissions savings.  The implementation of the heating control system reduced the amount of heating in unoccupied rooms.  As a result, system efficiency was optimised and LPG use was reduced.

This graph shows the noticeable drop in LPG consumption between the year prior to and following BAS installation.

Julian Freeland, Environmental Project Manager, Department of Justice said “Every time I have worked with CarbonetiX the resource savings and efficiency opportunities have always exceeded proposed project proposals.  Working at WNLP is another example of how CarbonetiX applied the concepts of automation to limit unnecessary operation of manually controlled heating and drying systems.  The savings speak for themselves, reducing the project payback time by one and half years.”

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