Solar Feasibility Study

Solar Feasibility Study

CarbonetiX has performed hundred of feasibility studies to determine which sites are appropriate for the installation of either solar PV or solar Hot Water, taking into consideration:

  • Energy demand profile
  • Tariffs
  • Pay back periods
  • Design considerations
    • System types and sizes
    • Solar intensity of site
    • Shade profile
    • Switchboard and meter issues
    • Roof fabric and structural integrity
    • Plumbing capability
    • Visual impacts
    • Any other critical considerations such as heritage and asbestos

The study will also include cost benefit analysis, taking into account the costs associated with installation and changes to electricity tariffs.

We also have been involved in detailed design recommendations and specifications to assist client and tenants in seeking quotations.

We can look into alternative financing mechanisms that leasees may consider.

CarbonetiX will also consider the following during the study:

  • asset life cycle
  • site/facility ownership and management arrangements
  • building and safety compliance requirement
  • other relevant legislation and building standards