GWMWater Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

Grampians-Wimmera-Mallee Water (GWMWater) are responsible for the supply of water to approximately 72,000 people in the Grampians Wimmera Mallee region, with an area covering 62,000 square kilometres, or close to 25% of Victoria.  They manage dams and pump stations and are responsible for wastewater treatment in 71 towns.

The Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance awarded CarbonetiX the contract to deliver actions under an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for GWMWater as a part of the Efficient Government Building Program.

CarbonetiX analysed and assessed the operation of ten GWMWater sites and made recommendations for the implementation of cost-effective engineering solutions to reduce utility consumption and costs.  The project involved developing a thorough understanding of the key functions and inter-dependency between pumping stations, pipeline infrastructure and the overall management along with control of the water management network.


  • Evaluate current practices and identify and quantify potential energy and cost savings
  • Perform energy efficiency measures with minimal disruption to existing operations
  • Convert pumps and implemtn advanced control logic to their operation
  • Lowser reservoir levels to reduct evaporation as a prt of the bespoke energy savings strategies
  • Install solar PV panels to generate a renewable source of electricity
  • Implement economy cycle to the HVAC system with seasonal operating logic at Head Office in Horhsam
  • Upgrade to energy efficient lighting
  • Monitor energy generation via Carbon Real-Time tracking software

Measurement and Verification

Energy cost savings derived from this project were communicated to GWMWater via the implemenation of a dedicated Measurement and Verification (M&V) plan across all relevant sites including each individual savings measure.

M&V allows for the monitoring of outcomes from energy efficiency projects, and quantifies the actual financial and environmental benefits as opposted to forecasted savings.  M&V ensures Energy Saving Initiatives (EISs) are implemented in accordance with work specifications, including verification of correct measurement practices and accurate measurement of energy consumption and utiltiy costs.

Prior to any works being conducted, measurements were taken to provide a baseline for the evaluation of the project’s success within keeping of a solid M&V program.  This is an important component to evaluate the success of projects and can provide a valuable tool to promote the implementation of future measures.

Dean Robertson, Environmental Officer, GWMWater noted:  It has been a pleasure to work with CarbonetiX.  They have provided us with practical and innovative energy efficiency solutions for a number of sites throughout our catchment region as a part of an Energy Performance Contract.

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