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Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program

From the 1 November 2010, owners of commercial buildings will be required to disclose the energy efficiency rating when selling, leasing or sub-leasing office space with a net lettable area of 2000 m2 or more.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Mark Dreyfus officially launched the program at the Pixel Building in Melbourne on the 1 November 2010. “There are more than 21 million square metres of commercial office space in Australia’s major urban areas spread across more than 3,900 buildings“ said Dreyfus. “For every one-star increase in an office building’s energy rating there is an estimated 15 per cent saving in energy costs per year.“

There is a transition period for the first year of the program where a valid National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Energy base or whole building rating can be disclosed. From 1 November 2011, full Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEECs) are to be disclosed. BEECs are valid for 12 months, must be publicly accessible on the online Building Energy Efficiency Register, and include:

A BEEC comprises:

  • An energy efficiency rating (using the NABERS energy efficiency rating methodology)
  • Information about the energy efficiency of the office lighting, and
  • Generic guidance on how the energy efficiency of the building may be improved

NABERS Energy ratings can be registered on the Building Energy Efficiency Register at the time of applying to DECCW for the rating by ticking the relevant option on the NABERS application form, or by using a new online form on the Commercial Building Disclosure website.

From 1 November, advertisements for the sale or lease of office space over 2000 m2 will include a NABERS Energy rating out of 5 stars. NABERS Energy is a measure of energy performance which has been used voluntarily for more than a decade by property managers actively seeking to improve the environmental performance of their buildings.

Developed and managed by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) on behalf of Australian state, territory and federal governments, NABERS ratings have evolved and adapted over 10 years to meet the needs of Australia's built environment stakeholders.

Today, around 50% of the national office market is voluntarily rating their energy efficiency using NABERS Energy, achieving combined annual savings of 200,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

The rating lets you compare the energy efficiency of office buildings and to choose the most energy-efficient and sustainable office space. The choice to occupy a 5 star building sends a strong message to employees, clients and the community that you have a serious commitment to good environmental performance.

Under the Commercial Building Disclosure program, the rating disclosed will be a base building rating, comparing the energy use of services like lifts, common area lights and HVAC. Any office tenant can also choose to rate the efficiency of their own tenancy using NABERS, which measures the energy use of things like tenancy lighting and office equipment.

The tools are recognised globally as promoting best practice environmental targets. By comparing the sustainability performance of different buildings, NABERS provides a straightforward indication of how well buildings are meeting efficiency targets.

The rating captures a full 12 months of energy performance, so making energy-efficiency improvements as early as you can will ensure that you earn the best rating possible next time. Energy savings from upgrades made just before a building is rated will not be reflected in the rating.

In addition to energy savings, NABERS ratings also play a key role in 'future proofing' an asset. If you haven’t used NABERS before, the introduction of the new Commercial Building Disclosure requirements is the perfect time to explore the benefits for your own premises. Obtaining a rating and improving environmental performance is easy.

Some explanatory text sourced from Sustainability Matters

If you don't have existing capabilities within your business to meet CBD requirements, CarbonetiX can help.

Below are some of the Commercial Building Disclosure specific services that CarbonetiX offer:

Energy Efficiency Rating - NABERS Rating

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) measures and compares the environmental performance of a building or tenancy space against its market and calculates an energy efficiency star rating - 5 stars being the highest rating and represents best practice. Our NABERS Assessor, whilst undertaking a NABERS Rating Assessment, can additionally undertake an energy audit, which will identify energy efficiency opportunities specifically within your building or tenancy that will improve your energy efficiency star rating.

A NABERS Rating may be used to:

  • Comply with the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program
  • Benchmark against best practice or across property portfolios
  • Market the 'Green' credentials of a building or tenancy space
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Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC)

The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program requires owners and tenants of spaces over 2,000sq metres to provide a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) – comprising an energy efficiency rating - NABERS star rating - lighting inventory and energy efficiency information – when selling or leasing office space. CarbonetiX can provide you with a BEEC and assist with any opportunities that arise from undertaking the certificate process.

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Energy Audit

An energy audit lets you know where you are today, and provides you with the information you need to make intelligent energy efficiency investment decisions in the future. With an audit, you'll be able to:

  • Identify and quantify opportunities to become more energy efficient
  • Plan energy investments with the highest returns
  • Advantageously position your funding application

Our highly skilled engineers can help you use the knowledge gained in an energy audit to lower operational costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve occupancy satisfaction and attraction.

CarbonetiX can provide you with a comprehensive AS/NZS 3598:2000 compliant Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 energy audit.

A Level 1 Energy Audit - sometimes called an overview - allows the overall energy consumption of the site to be evaluated, to determine whether energy use is reasonable or excessive. It provides initial benchmarks of the site so that the effect of energy efficiency measures can be tracked and evaluated. It may be in the form of a desktop study; however the information given to, or gathered by, the auditor needs to be sufficient to enable the overall level of energy efficiency of the site to be determined.

A Level 2 Energy Audit meets the requirements of a Level 1 Audit and also identifies the sources of energy to a site, the amount of energy supplied, and what the energy is used for. It also identifies areas where savings may be made, recommends measures to be taken, and provides a statement of costs, potential savings, and payback periods. A Level 2 Audit is an energy use survey, which is expected to provide a preliminary assessment of costs and savings.

A Level 3 Energy Audit covers the requirements of a Level 1 and Level 2 Audit and provides a detailed analysis of energy usage, the energy savings that can be made, and the cost of achieving those energy savings. It may cover the whole site or may concentrate on an individual item, such as a single industrial process or one of the services. The auditor may employ a specialist to carry out specific parts of an audit or may need to install local metreing and logging equipment to monitor energy use. The report from a Level 3 Audit often forms the justification for substantial investment by the owner or an Energy Performance Contract(EPC).

A Walk-Through Energy Audit is a low level energy audit, which identifies energy reduction opportunities for a site with no quantification of potential savings or energy costs. An optional list of unquantified energy saving recommendations can be provided.

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Carbon Real-Time - Monitor Energy Use In Real-Time

Carbon Real-Time - Monitor Energy Use In Real-Time

Carbon Real-Time is a powerful tool for establishing your building’s energy profile. It assists in identifying energy waste and leaks, and highlights opportunities to reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions. You can see what is being used or produced in real-time, and take action straightaway as needed.

  • Establish your building’s energy profile
  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy costs
  • Control peak-demand tariffing
  • Produce billing class data
  • Produce reports for the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program
  • Educate staff on environmental issues

Carbon Real-Time collects energy data automatically - on your energy generation and consumption, gas and water consumption - empowering you to produce informative reports based on your building's environment.

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Energy Efficiency Consulting

CarbonetiX are available for hourly environmental engineering, energy training and sustainability design services, bringing our extensive knowledge and experience to your unique situation.

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Energy Efficiency Project Management

Getting a NABERS Rating is step one. What if you want a higher star rating? Project Management of energy efficiency upgrades is more challenging than it sounds... CarbonetiX can do the hard work for you. Our Energy Efficiency Project Management includes:

  • Dedicated Engineer, exclusive to the project
  • Engineer translates an audit into actual savings
  • Engineer commits to required time on-site, organising contracted work and ensuring smooth implementation of energy efficiency works
  • Energy use and savings are recorded before and after
  • Utilisation of a developed and growing pool of experienced energy efficiency contractors
  • Engineer represents your organisation to achieve the best result
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Heating And Cooling (HVAC) Optimisation

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are typically the highest energy demand for a building. Heating And Cooling (HVAC) Optimisation can lead to substantial energy costs savings and carbon emissions reductions without a large investment.

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Mirrorlux Reflectors by Green Electricians

Mirrorlux Reflectors increase the amount of useful light generated by a standard fluorescent tube. Mirrorlux allows a double fluorescent fitting to be retrofit to single lamp operation, cutting energy consumption by half, while maintaining a good level of light output. Installing Mirrorlux Reflectors, in combination with high performance lamps, is an environmentally friendly, simple and cost effective way to reduce carbon emissions and running costs. Mirrorlux Reflectors:

  • Are a proven greenhouse emissions saver
  • Give immediate energy costs savings
  • Have a typical payback period of only 1-2 years
  • Are quick and easy to install
  • Directs light where it is needed - down onto the workspace
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Greenhouse GOSSIP

Align internal stakeholders with your energy efficiency goals. Significant savings can be achieved when management and staff are engaged and aligned on the same sustainability journey. Our Greenhouse GOSSIP program offers a structured mentoring process that:

  • Achieves immediate energy costs savings and carbon reduction
  • Reduces greenhouse emissions
  • Energy training efficiently delivers materials online via personal emails and webinars
  • Align staff and equipment to your set climate change goals
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