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CarbonetiX has been working with schools since its inception, achieving significant carbon emissions reductions and providing considerable sustainability education opportunities. When CarbonetiX Founder Bruce Rowse investigated the availability of a program that let schools monitor energy use, he found that no such software existed. Working with Sustainability Victoria and sustainability educators CERES and Planet Savers and of course numerous schools CarbonetiX developed the School Environment Tracking System (SETS) now used by over 1,000 schools nationally.

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How we do it

Some of the products and services that have aided the education sector in achieving these results include:

Case Studies


What our clients say

"The School Environment Tracking System (SETS) has been a powerful teaching and learning tool at Western Port Secondary College and has helped us to measure our progress in reducing greenhouse emissions and becoming a sustainable school."
Hannah Lewis, Assistant Principal Westernport Secondary College

"Our school has been part of the Sustainable Schools Initiative around the Castlemaine area and through some retrofits and major behaviour changes we have made quite an impact on our energy consumption levels. We are using SETS environment tracker software to record our gas, electricity and water usage here at school and just wanted to let you know that it is a great system. The school bursar loves it, finds it easy to use and appreciates the reminders the program sends when a new bill is due. The graphs are really useful for helping to monitor energy consumption and in our case have been very encouraging as we have watched the lines go down. The challenge of course is to keep them down. I have used the graphs to publicise results within our community, for staff, school council, the students, to great effect. Thanks."
Clare Melgaard, Principal, Castlemaine North Primary School

"I thank you for the excellent job that you did with the Energy Audit and report. Our success in this matter is in no small way due to your efforts. I found it very interesting working with you."
Peter Escreet, Principle, Monbulk Secondary College

"SETS has had a major influence on the kids, because they really started to think and care about sustainability. The energy efficiency reports are visually effective and clear and we've found the data resources very good."
Doug Cations, Meredith Primary School

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