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CarbonMetriX – Carbon Footprint Software

CarbonMetriX – Carbon Footprint Software

CarbonMetriX is a powerful online carbon footprint management, tracking and reporting tool, developed for organisations with multiple sites. CarbonMetriX uses emissions factors, published annually by the Australian Greenhouse Office, for accuracy and to meet state and federal carbon reporting requirements.

  • Establish and monitor your organisation’s carbon footprint
  • Track carbon emissions, electricity, gas, water, vehicle use, air travel emissions and paper use
  • Use reports for internal and Government requirements
  • Identify and target sites that require special attention
  • Quick bill energy and easy to use with an intuitive design
  • Use to educate staff on environmental issues in the work place
  • Automatic alerts via email when usage deviates from set parameters
  • Online access is secure anywhere, anytime by multiple concurrent users
  • Optional billing data entry service - free up your resources for other important tasks

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CarbonReal-Time - Monitor Energy Use In Real-Time

Carbon Real-Time - Monitor Energy Use In Real-Time

CarbonReal-Time is a powerful tool for establishing your organisation’s energy profile. It assists in identifying energy waste and leaks, and highlights opportunities to reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions. You can see what is being used or produced in real-time, and take action straightaway as needed.

  • Establish your organisation’s energy profile
  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy costs
  • Control peak-demand tariffing
  • Produce billing class data
  • Produce reports for mandatory disclosure
  • Educate staff on environmental issues

CarbonReal-Time collects energy data automatically - on your energy generation and consumption, gas and water consumption - empowering you to produce informative reports based on your organisation's environment.

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School Environment Tracking System (SETS)

CarbonetiX – School Environment Tracking System SETS

Track your school’s carbon emissions. Engage teachers, students and the wider community in sustainability education. Get the environment tracking program used by over 1,000 schools nationally!

SETS provides timely, accurate tracking of your school's environmental impacts and costs. SETS helps you manage and control your energy, water and paper usage, and the amount of waste you generate.

SETS also includes the certification tools that form part of the 5Star Sustainability Certification Process. The completion of the requirements for each Certification Tool will enable the school to receive a ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Certificate of Achievement in the following Modules: Biodiversity, Energy, Waste, Water and the Core. This forms part of the journey for the school to receive a star under the 5Star Sustainability Certification.

What has been the benefit of your school's environmental program? How many litres of water have you saved, or how many tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution? If you can't answer these questions then you need SETS!

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Solar SETS - Solar School Real-Time Monitoring

CarbonetiX – Solar SETS Solar School

The next generation in educational energy management. National Solar School Program (NSSP) funded, enjoy domain-based solar energy lesson plans developed in partnership with multi-award winning CERES and Planet Savers. Solar SETS provides comprehensive real-time monitoring of your school’s solar generation, energy consumption and temperature.

With Solar SETS, you can:

  • Make sustainability easy and fun to understand
  • Quantify energy savings
  • Build motivation by comparing your school with other schools
  • Raise awareness by publishing the school's sustainability activities
  • Manage your energy, which results in schools that are genuinely more sustainable
  • Empower your students to become more aware and responsible for their actions
  • Use the effective domain based solar energy lesson plans, for all year levels

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Customised Energy Software Development

Promote your sustainability initiatives to stakeholders and customers through customisation of CarbonMetriX or Carbon Real-Time energy monitoring software. We can develop a website that uses CarbonMetriX or Carbon Real-Time as an initial framework, but uses your branding and sends your message.

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