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About Us

CarbonetiX is a climate change solutions company, who has chosen to focus its activities on helping its customers cut their energy use, costs and carbon emissions through energy efficiency and energy conservation strategies.

Our Goal

The overarching goal of environmental engineering company CarbonetiX is to help its customers achieve a 15 million tonne greenhouse gas saving by 2015. This corresponds to the annual carbon emissions of the Hazelwood Power Station, which is thought to be one of the southern hemisphere's dirtiest power plant. The principal driver of all CarbonetiX activities, therefore, is lowering carbon emissions.

Our History

CarbonetiX is owned and managed by Bruce Rowse (B Eng (Mech), MBA). Bruce began CarbonetiX in 2002 after deciding to personally act on his concerns for our world’s future.

Bruce is a member of the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) and the Alternative Technology Association. He is an AIRAH accredited energy auditor, and also holds a “D” class electrical licence.

Our Values


GREENHOUSE - We are committed to significantly reducing greenhouse emissions.

LEARNING - We are committed to activly learning and improving - learning from mistakes, and building up our knowledge.

ORGANISED - We are all organised and focussed around achieving our goals.

WORD - We keep our word and act with integrity.

Our Expertise

CarbonetiX is an organisation that has embedded innovation into their culture and often conducts case studies, trials and other research and development activities.

Please find below some of the results from these activities:

Pool Blanket Implementation Assessment
LED Lighting Trial - The Viability of LED Lighting as a Substitute for the Fluorescent Tube

Our Energy Use

As a company focussed on energy efficiency and energy conservation, CarbonetiX keeps energy consumption in our own offices at a minimum. In 2008 our energy consumption was 30 kWh per square metre, in 2009 it was 33 kWh per suqare metre. To put this in context, this is just one quarter of the usage of a typical office of the same size.

Read our blog entry on how we did it:

View our real-time energy use on Carbon Real-Time:

Our Team

CarbonetiX is fortunate to benefit from an experienced and well rounded team.


  • Lynda Karinja
  • John Richardson
  • Max Coulthard
  • Bruce Rowse
  • Operations Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Founder


  • Lynda Karinja
  • Luisa Waddell
  • Operations Manager
  • Administration Assistant


  • Mark Akester
  • Claire Dawson
  • Barney Mezey
  • Graham Davies
  • Pradeep Dissanayake
  • Carbon Footprint, Water Audit, Waste Audit
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Efficiency Engineer, Efficient Lighting
  • Energy Efficiency Engineer, NABERS
  • Energy Efficiency Engineer, HVAC Control

Energy Training and Coaching

  • Regina McLeod
  • Sustainable Change Coordinator

IT / Software

  • John Richardson
  • Nic Nagtzaam
  • IT Manager
  • Systems Officer


  • Tim Whiting
  • Marketing
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