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Reduce greenhouse emissions through carbon management

CarbonetiX Local Council Energy Efficiency

Due to our extensive experience working with Government agencies, we understand the energy efficiency needs and concerns Government face. We draw on our expansive knowledge base to help you save energy and achieve significant carbon reduction.

Highlighted in green on the map to the right are the Local Councils that CarbonetiX have worked with over the last few years:

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How we do it

Some of the products and services that have aided the Government sector in achieving these results:

Case Studies

Moreland City Council Energy Efficiency Case Study
Moonee Valley Energy Efficiency Case Study
Darebin City Energy Efficiency Case Study

What our clients say

"The friendly, knowledgeable staff at CarbonetiX have provided us with clear ways forward in addressing our carbon emissions and water saving targets. From an energy audit to energy training, we have a relationship with CarbonetiX that is informative, yet independent and unbiased. Their particular commitment to carbon reduction with Local Government has definitely been a contributing factor, as is self evident in their work."
Hugh Butcher, Moonee Valley City Council

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions Through Carbon Management

"CFA had no easy method of compiling resource use and waste data from offices across the State, and reporting results back to participants. Now through the use of CarbonMetriX - Carbon Footprint Software, Green Teams can manage their own data, run reports while informing and empowering their staff. It also allows the Green Office Project Manager and Environmental Manager to gauge results and report on project status."
Darlene Pentland, Green Office Project Manager, Country Fire Authority

"Thanks for the great work on the energy audit. Those who have read the energy audit report have all expressed their delight in how it was presented. A credit to you and the CarbonetiX team on your ability to take technical information and present it in a way that anyone can read and clearly understand."
Rebecca Passlow, Environment Planner, Maroondah City Council

"(CarbonetiX Energy Efficiency Project Manager) Barney has been fantastic. Everyone loves having him around here and he has been very effective in implementing actions and uncovering energy culprits! He showed me a report last night indicting energy cost savings of around $40K (including the solar panels). We are really impressed with his work ethic and skills. As always, it has been great working with CarbonetiX. "
Laura Lynch, Coordinator ESD Unit, Moreland City Council

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