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Guaranteed Energy Savings Program

Conventional Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) are designed to guarantee savings, but are also costly to set up, generally only suited to reasonably large sites and paybacks on investment are long.

The CarbonetiX Guaranteed Energy Savings Program now makes saving electricity easy and more accessible, delivering the benefits of a traditional EPC to sites spending from $25,000 - $100,000 on electricity. The CarbonetiX Guaranteed Energy Savings Program provides a simpler, shorter and more cost effective solution for businesses not usually eligible to realise the electricity savings an EPC can provide.

  • Electricity savings are guaranteed
  • Cut electricity use by approximately 20%
  • Generally a 4 year or less payback
  • Realise significant energy costs savings
  • Suitable for organisations spending from $25,000 - $100,000 per annum on electricity
  • CarbonetiX project manages the implementation works, leaving you free to focus on core business interests
  • Benefit from our extensive energy efficiency experience
  • Promote your business' green credentials to staff, customers and stakeholders

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Energy Efficiency Project Management

Getting an audit is step one in realising your sustainability goals - the recommendations still need to be implemented. Project Management of energy efficiency upgrades is more challenging than it sounds... Let CarbonetiX do the hard work for you! Our Energy Efficiency Project Management includes:

  • Dedicated Engineer, exclusive to the project
  • Engineer translates an audit into actual savings
  • Engineer commits to required time on-site, organising contracted work and ensuring smooth implementation of energy efficiency works
  • Energy use and savings are recorded before and after
  • Utilisation of a developed and growing pool of experienced energy efficiency contractors
  • Engineer represents your organisation to achieve the best result

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Heating And Cooling (HVAC) Optimisation

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are typically the highest energy demand for a building. Heating And Cooling (HVAC) Optimisation can lead to substantial energy costs savings and carbon emissions reductions without a large investment.

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Energy Efficiency Guidebooks

Written by CarbonetiX but customisable to your workplace, our Energy Efficiency Guidebook is based on our successful Greenhouse GOSSIP program. The Energy Efficiency Guidebook details easy steps to reduce greenhouse emissions. The Energy Efficiency Guidebook includes:

  • Highly effective energy efficiency solutions
  • Proven carbon emissions reduction when the steps are followed
  • The abilitiy to promote your sustainability credentials as an environmental organisation to staff and the public
  • Can include sections usable at home as well as at work
  • Incorporating your corporate brand and sending your sustainability message

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Mirrorlux Reflectors by Green Electricians

Mirrorlux Reflectors increase the amount of useful light generated by a standard fluorescent tube. Mirrorlux allows a double fluorescent fitting to be retrofit to single lamp operation, cutting energy consumption by half, while maintaining a good level of light output. Installing Mirrorlux Reflectors, in combination with high performance lamps is an environmentally friendly, simple and cost effective way to reduce carbon emissions and running costs. Mirrorlux Reflectors:

  • Are a proven greenhouse emissions saver
  • Give immediate energy costs savings
  • Have a typical payback period of only 1-2 years
  • Are quick and easy to install
  • Directs light where it is needed - down onto the workspace

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Energy Training and Coaching

Greenhouse GOSSIP

Align internal stakeholders with your energy efficiency goals. Significant savings can be achieved when management and staff are engaged and aligned on the same sustainability journey. Our Greenhouse GOSSIP program offers a structured mentoring process that:

  • Achieves immediate energy costs savings and carbon reduction
  • Reduces greenhouse emissions
  • Energy training efficiently delivers materials online via personal emails and webinars
  • Align staff and equipment to your set climate change goals

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Executive Energy Coaching

To the uninitiated, embedding sustainability into your organisation can seem like a mountainous task. Our Executive Coaching breaks the journey into smaller steps and leads and guides you to the peak:

Your Sustainability Initiatives are more likely to produce greater results with these added resources:

  • Consultation with an energy efficiency expert
  • Weekly coaching calls with an experienced energy efficiency engineer
  • Our combined expertise addressing your unique sustainability issues

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Facility Management Energy Training

CarbonetiX provide expert energy training for Facility Managers, for immediate project works and fine tuning for building resource energy efficiency. Your Facility Managers will be trained to prepare and implement an energy efficiency plan, a quick and effective way to further reduce your organisation's greenhouse emissions and achieve your energy efficiency targets.

CarbonetiX' experienced environmental engineering staff will conduct a full day on-site technical training with your Facility Manager or team, tailored to your unique requirements.

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Energy Efficiency Audit Training

Increased energy efficiency will become the most important 'fuel' of the future. Low-cost options for reducing actual consumption - many of which are already available - offer the greatest potential for cutting CO2 emissions - International Energy Agency

How can you identify the energy efficiency opportunities within your business? How can you determine which opportunities will provide you with the greatest return on investment? How much will these energy efficiency improvements cost you? And how much energy - and money - will they save? Answer these questions and discover much more with our Energy Efficiency Audit Training. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

  • Provides a business case for energy efficiency reduction
  • Provides you with the capacity to create a reduction plan, so that you can plan intelligently
  • Allows you to review efficiency proposals with confidence
  • Understand the importance of an audit as an integral part of your energy management plan
  • Learn best practice for conducting an audit
  • Benefit from proven, well developed course materials
  • Receive experienced guidance on uncovering the hidden efficiency opportunities in your organisation

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