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CarbonetiX are proud to be partnering with these organisations to reduce carbon emissions, educate the public and make our way of life more sustainable.

  • CERES - link
    CERES are the Victorian deliverers of the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative run by the Federal Department of Environment & Water Resources
  • AGL Energy - link
    Warmth in Winter program. As part of the 2005/2006 program, CarbonetiX conducted energy efficiency audits and project managed implementation of the recommendations. AGL offered the fully-funded audits to selected facilities, aiming to find ways to achieve ongoing, year round financial savings and cuts to greenhouse gas emissions
  • Western Port Greenhouse Alliance - link
    CarbonetiX (in conjunction Sunrise Energy Management) have conducted energy audits and provided tracking systems for the schools involved in the 'Planet Savers' program
  • North East Greenhouse Alliance - link
    NEGHA have also adopted the 'Planet Savers' model and are delivering it to schools in the north east region of Victoria, CarbonetiX are conducting audits and providing tracking for the schools involved in the program.
  • Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance - link
    CarbonetiX conducted energy audits as part of the 'Castlemaine Climate Savers' program, that helped school identify how to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
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