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arctic sea ice

Our approach is action focused, underpinned by measures and benchmarks, acknowledges the need for customer engagement, and values science, practical engineering and details analysis.

  • Action focused (not just advice focused!). It is extremely frustrating as an auditor to put in great effort to provide good advice, then to see no follow through in the implementation of recommendations. Our aim is to see real and measurable results as a consequence of our involvement with your organisation.
  • Measures and benchmarks."You can't manage what you don't measure." This well-known motto of management highlights a vital step in the process of change management. For this reason, we've developed simple, powerful and easy to use web-based measurement tools that can be used by anyone who has access to the internet.
  • Customer engagement. It is the customer who ultimately needs to take responsibility for reducing their energy and water use. Our advice is not enough. This is why we have developed a strong emphasis on gaining the commitment of CEO and senior management at the outset. The entire process is designed with the aim of cultivating increasing levels of customer ownership.
  • Science, practical engineering and detailed analysis. We love to analyse sites and ascertain exactly where all those mega-joules are going! This has been a strong focus of ours since our inception. We particularly enjoy projects where our customers are willing to give us the time to be able to engage fully in this part of the process. Thorough analysis means results that are accurate and reliable, and recommendations that are useful.
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