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CarbonetiX, formerly known as Energy Doctor, is an engineering and consulting company based in Frankston, Victoria. We commenced business in 2002 by providing energy audit services to government and business. While a scientific and engineering understanding of how energy is used is important when identifying measures that cut energy wastage, in order for organisations to respond effectively to the climate change challenge a lot more than an engineering understanding and cost/benefit analysis is needed. An energy audit report telling you what to do is just one stage in the process: Organisations need the leadership, money, and technical knowledge to implement the recommendations of the audit and then need to be able to identify exactly how much they have saved.

In light of this, CarbonetiX has assembled a multi-disciplinary team whose core focus is the genuine, measurable reduction in the carbon pollution of its customers in a business positive way. Our aim is to help you cut your greenhouse gas emissions, and in the process of doing so, improve your organisation's triple bottom line - its financial, social and environmental performance.

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