Tracking Software - Overview

Track energy, water and vehicle usage. Be kept up to date with increase in usage.

Educate, reduce and use.
Educate students using the data and graphical capabilities of SETS. Reduce your usage and use that data that SETS provides to apply for grants.

We have developed a range of online tracking systems that enables organisations to track their Energy, Water and Waste usage. Having current and reliable information on hand is a vital tool in identifying areas for improvement, whether through behavioural change and/or the installation and use of more efficient products. Tracking the usage over time enables organisations to respond to changes in usage and behaviour and to rectify any problem areas. We also have a specialised system for tracking environmental metrics (energy, water and waste) in Schools.

With the ability to track their usage, our customers have saved thousands of dollars and have reduced their impact on the environment dramatically.

Our flagship tracking product is CarbonmetriX, which enables the tracking of the following:

  • Stationery energy use (electricity, natural gas, LPG)
  • Vehicular energy use (petrol, diesel, LPG)
  • Water

Our energy tracking systems use internationally recognized methodologies to provide accurate comparisons and metrics. Data from our systems can be used to carbon trade.

If you are interested in a demonstration of our tracking systems contact us today.

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