Maria Leris – EUO / Consultant

Maria has always possessed a keen interest in science, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Geographical Science. Through her studies she developed a range of relevant technical skills through undertaking field trips, laboratory practicals and written assessments. She conducted ecological surveys, soil sampling, environmental impact assessments and geological field mapping, utilising ArcGIS. Her studies also strengthened her analytical and written communication skills through the development of scientific reports, literature reviews and research dissertations.  She gained experience in developing reports using the Global Reporting Initiative standards, and conducting waste audits. Her studies also bolstered her knowledge of environmental legislation and regulations which operate in Victoria, which she has also drawn upon in her previous role as an Environmental Coordinator.

In her previous role as an Environmental Coordinator, she worked largely in the field, undertaking weed control, revegetation works, moisture testing and ecological surveys. Within this role, she worked with members of her team, the local council and surrounding communities to ensure all relevant stakeholders were adequately informed and involved in relevant works. Through doing so, this role has strengthened her ability to communicate effectively with others, and work efficiently in a larger team.