Ben Spencer – EUO/Consultant

Ben completed a Bachelor of Environments at the University of Melbourne in 2014 during which he explored his passion for environmental sustainability and physical geography. Through his ongoing Masters degree (Env Sc.), Ben has developed skills in auditing, particularly Environmental Management Systems (AS/NZS14001) and Energy Auditing (AS/NZS 3598). He also has substantial knowledge in sustainable water systems, having conducted research to develop an Integrated Catchment Management plan in Central Victoria.

Ben now focuses his skills on the energy industry, where he believes he can have a positive influence on sustainable development. He has a strong business management background, having managed a family business with more than ten staff for three years. This experience allowed Ben to advance his natural leadership and communication skills, which contribute to his proficiency as a consultant. Ben has demonstrated this in his work for CarbonetiX particularly through advanced issue resolution, and the implementation of utility management policies and process improvements