Mirrorlux Reflectors
By switching to more energy efficient measures, such as the installation of Mirrorlux Reflectors, we can help avert potentially damaging climate change by reducing the need to burn so much coal. Visit www.mirrorlux.com.au for more information.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

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New site launches
31 August 2008
The new CarbonetiX website has now gone live. Please take some time to have a look around and feel free to leave some feedback via the Contact Us...
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    CarbonetiX Products & Services

    Measure and Track

    You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We provide the following services:

    • Carbon Accounting - the preparation of carbon accounts for your organisation in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and helping you identify where you should focus to best reduce your carbon emissions.
    • CarbonmetriX – online software to track your organisations environmental footprint across multiple sites on an ongoing basis.
    • SETS – the School Environment tracking system. Used by hundreds of schools across Australia to track their energy, water, waste and engage with students about their school’s environmental impact.


    Providing you with the knowledge you need to cut your greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Energy audits. An energy audit involves an engineer analysing your site and identifying and quantifying energy saving opportunities and costs to build a business case for energy efficiency investments.


    Services and products to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

    • Project Management. Management of energy efficiency capital works upgrades.
    • Greenhouse GOSSIP. A behaviour change program for organisations with 20 or more people on site that delivers guaranteed energy savings.
    • Mirrorlux Reflectors. Fluorescent lighting reflectors that enable delamping and guaranteed energy savings.
    • Challenge to Change. A community based behaviour change program delivered in conjunction with the Mt. Alexander Sustainability Group.
    • Fossil Fuel Diet. A free tool to help you cut your energy use at home