Tracking Software - CarbonmetriXTM

Track energy, water and vehicle usage. Be kept up to date with increase in usage.

CarbonmetriXTM have been developed to assist organisation in tracking, reporting and actively reducing their carbon emissions (greenhouse gases). CarbonetiX (formally Energy Doctor) have been conducting audits and assisting organisations reduce their carbon emissions for five years, and over this time we have found that one of the main challenges is reporting and quantifying usage and generating meaningful reports.

CarbonmetriXTM at a glance

  • Track Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG
  • Track Water
  • Track Vehicles
  • Compare Usage, Greenhouse and Cost
  • Actively manage usage with user-defined Exception Reports that can be automatically emailed to multiple recipients
  • One click report generation
  • Graphs and data that can easiely copied into reports and presentations.
  • Generate graphs that compare account usage over 3 user selectable years
  • Compare the economy, carbon emissions and cost of a vehicles make, model, operator or the site at which its stationed.
  • Generate a report that compares your operators economy to that of the AGO's figures
  • Detail the 20 top highest polluting sites, account or vehicles
  • Compare your Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG and Vehicle emissions in one table and graph
  • Have multiple users entering and accessing data at the same time on different computers
  • Simple web access, no installation required

Product Brochure

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