Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

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New Trial Examines Viability Of Replacing Fluorescent Tubes With LED Lights

Friday, 22 January 2010

MEDIA RELEASE - 22 January 2010A new lighting trial reveals barriers and trends to making LED lighting viable for widespread...
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Dairy farms in Victoria

Thursday, 20 November 2008

MEDIA RELEASE DAIRY farms in Victoria could save nearly $6000 a year and substantially cut their greenhouse gas emissions, a...
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Water Audits

CarbonetiX is committed to seeing our clients reduce their environmental impact and capture the economic benefits inherent in this.

CarbonetiX can facilitate all or part of the process of reducing your water use, including:

  • Securing organisational commitment
  • Assess the current water use
  • Communication throughout the organisation
  • Measuring past and current performance
  • Setting performance targets
  • Identifying and quantifying inefficiencies and opportunities for water savings
  • Specifying and prioritising actions for implementation
  • Measuring progress against set targets
  • Prepare an action plan to implement water conservation activities
  • Annual reporting on results


"I was pleased to recently collaborate with Energy Doctor on a successful Sustainable Water Use Strategy followed by a Water Management Strategy. Energy Doctor's team effectively assisted and guided the strategy, analysis and implementation of the project."
- Fiona Fullard, Environmental Planner, Latrobe City Council

"Thanks for providing the Water Management Plan for comments. It is a really well set out, clear and comprehensive document! Overall the plan is of a really high standard and well written."
- ICLEI Water consultant