Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Building Retrofits with Guaranteed Energy Savings!

After our qualified engineers undertake an energy audit of your building/s, they can provide an obligation-free quote on implementing the identified energy efficiency measures.  This work will include our Energy Savings Guarantee.

Guaranteed Energy Savings provide

  • A safety-net for your investment
  • Complete implementation and project management
  • A fixed minimum ROI
  • Real reductions in your carbon footprint and energy costs

Invest with Certainty

Often investment in sustainability and energy efficiency are marred with corporate resistance to difficult cost/benefit analysis. With guaranteed energy savings, your organisation will have transparency, quantifiable results and certainty.You keep any additional savings from our works, and we pay if the savings fall short.

Put simply, we guarantee a level of electricity savings, you keep any additional savings from our work, and we pay if the savings fall short.

How the Guarantee will work

Step 1 – Information

Provide information which will be used to assess if your site is suitable for this offer.  This offer is typically suited to organisations spending $20,000 – $100,000 on electricity each you who own their own commercial buildings or have a lease longer than five years.  THIS STEP IS FREE.

Step 2 – Inspection

Assuming there are likely energy saving opportunities for your site, our engineers will then undertake a no-obligation assessment of the site and identify specific energy saving measures. THIS STEP IS FREE.

Step 3 – Offer

If we believe we can save you a significant amount of energy with a combined maximum four year financial payback, CarbonetiX will make you an offer. The offer will be along the lines of “CarbonetiX guarantee that we can reduce your electricity consumption by at least X% per year and electricity cost by $Z per year, with a combined maximum four year payback on a total investment of $Y.”  THIS STEP IS FREE.

Step 4 – Implementation

If you accept the CarbonetiX offer, you enter into a contract with CarbonetiX, and pay CarbonetiX for the works to be implemented.  Lease financing of the energy saving equipment installed may be possible.  CarbonetiX will project manage implementation of the measures our engineers have identified.

Step 5 – Guarantee

Based on your first clear electricity bill after energy saving works have been identified, CarbonetiX then identify the savings achieved. If these are less than what CarbonetiX have guaranteed, we will reimburse the total shortfall that you would expect over the four years or implement additional works at no cost to you in order to achieve the savings. If the savings are higher than CarbonetiX have guaranteed, they belong to you!

Why we offer this service

what is good for the environment is good for your bottom line – we guarantee it!CarbonetiX wants to assist its customers to achieve genuine energy and emissions savings. A key barrier to organisations undertaking energy efficiency projects is, however, uncertainty about the results. The vast majority of climate change scientists are clear – we need to reduce carbon emissions. We want to give you the same clarity about energy efficiency – investing in energy efficiency will cut your emissions and energy costs – guaranteed.

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