Energy & Carbon Solutions

Energy and carbon management solutions tailored to the needs of government and business.

Energy Solutions

Energy Management Plan

Properly managing energy can be a lengthy and complex process.  An energy management plan will ensure that your organization’s path is well laid out, so that the maximum possible energy savings are achieved along the way.

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Guaranteed Energy

Reducing energy use in buildings often requires significant investment.  A savings guarantee ensures your energy efficiency projects  provide transparency returns and a secure ROI.

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Energy Doctor Check-up

Specifically for small-business customers, an Energy Doctor checkup will identify low-cost and no-cost ways to save on gas and electricity.  Each checkup includes a ‘walk-through’ energy assessment and custom energy report.

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Energy Audits

Our energy audits will identify cost-effective opportunities to save energy and reduce your organisations carbon footprint.  A CarbonetiX audit report will provide well thought-out recommendations for implementation.

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Saving energy makes sense; it helps the planet and is great for your bottom line

NABERs Ratings

NABERS is a star ratings system that assesses the relative energy efficiency of existing commercial buildings.  Our NABERS accredited assessor can combine your NABERS rating with an energy audit, giving you the opportunity to increase your buildings rating.

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Sustainability Training

Having a trained energy manager onsite will ensure your organisation stays the course to significant energy savings.  Training programs can be tailored to your organisations specific goals and are delivered by qualified experts.  Contact us to learn more.

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Behaviour Change

Using methods such as training videos, checklists, guides or onsite presentations your organisation can save energy and water with zero capital investment.  Contact us today to find out more about a tailored behavioural change program for your workplace.

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Carbon Solutions

Carbon Reporting

Our carbon reporting experts are NGERS accredited by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.  We will assist you through all the stages of emissions reporting and embedd effective processes that meet future obligations.
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With over 300 sites and 1,000 vehicles across Australia, carbon reporting for Exego is a daunting prospect.
Carbonetix have been involved in the process with us from the beginning. Their advice and support has been exceptional.
The quality of the verification reporting exceeded our expectations and will provide enormous help in our future data collection processes. We couldn’t have done it without them.

- Joanne Clark, Group Financial Accounting Manager, Exego Group


CarbonMetriX is a carbon accounting software solution designed specifically to meet Australian reporting standards (including NGERS and NCOS). Track, report and manage your organisation’s carbon emissions, energy and water use with CarbonMetriX.
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