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Track your live carbon footprint, monitor energy use, set organisational benchmarks and guide strategic decisions.

CarbonMetriX is a secure, online carbon accounting software solution that tracks, interactively reports and helps you manage your organisation’s:

      Carbon emissions       Vehicle use
      Electricity use       Air travel emissions
      Water use       Paper use
Use CarbonMetriX to Guide and Improve Your Business

Its interactive reporting capabilities provide you with insights to make strategic decisions based on factual information. Use your carbon footprint to:

  • Meet National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) reporting requirements
  • Participate in carbon trading or emissions trading schemes
  • Drive energy efficiency improvements that will give the best return on investment
  • Report on the result of your carbon reduction activities
  • Provides insight for strategic decision making on operating activities
International Standards Compliance

CarbonMetriX is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol – the most widely accepted inter­national standard for carbon reporting – developed by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable development.

Fully Customised Solutions

We recognise that different organisations have different needs.  As such, CarbonMetriX can be customised to suit your needs with room for adaptability as required by future growth.

Easy Data Entry and Comprehensive Reporting

Data entry is kept as simple as possible, and can be entered manually, via file upload or optical recognition. CarbonMetriX offers secure 128bit access online, with no on-site installation required.

  • One click report generation with reports sent to multiple recipients
  • Drill down reporting
  • Highlights top 20 sites, vehicles and accounts usage reports
  • Reports usage over time, allowing for identification of trends and benchmarking
  • Tabular and graphical representation of data which can be copied directly into  reports
  • Encourages target setting activities for improvements in energy consumption and costs
  • Secure web access with no installation required
  • Simplified data entry for ease of use
What Existing CarbonMetriX Customers Say

CFA had no easy method of compiling resource use and waste data from offices across the State, and reporting results back to participants. Now through the use of CarbonMetriX, Green Teams can manage their own data, run reports while informing and empowering their staff. It also allows the Green Office project manager and Environmental manager to gauge results and report on project status.
- Darlene Pentland, Green Office Project Manager, Country Fire Authority

An important step in our Climate Change Action Plan is to have accurate tracking of Council’s energy use in order to manage and quantify the energy reduction actions. The flexibility of CarbonMetrix has meant that council is now in the process of transitioning all existing data into CarbonMetriX and recording, tracking and reporting on all sites through the use of CarbonMetriX.
- Heidi Hamm, Environment Project Officer, Darebin City Council