VIC Government is Scrapping 2020 Emissions Target

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On March 27th 2012 the Baillieu Government in Victoria announced they would be scrapping Victoria’s 2020 emissions target.

The target was introduced in the Climate Change Act 2010 and called for a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (on 2000 levels).

The decision was made after the independently prepared Review of the Climate Change Act recommended the target be abandoned.

In response to the review, the Government said:

“The Government … accepts the Review’s findings that, in light of the national carbon price, State and Territory
Governments need to reduce their role in emissions mitigation and instead focus on managing and adapting to climate risks and supporting their economies under a carbon price.”

The independent report said that pursuing the original target would cost Victorians $2 billion.

Victoria will now operate under the Commonwealth target of 5% emissions reduction by 2020 and will no longer be a national leader in climate change targets.

The Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Ryan Smith, says he’ll now work with the Federal Government to see what other state based climate change programs should be maintained.

He’s refusing to say which state initiatives will be scrapped in the future.

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Source: Government response to Climate Change Act Review