NGERs Reporting

From the 1 July 2008, businesses must apply for registration with the Greenhouse and Energy Data Officer if they:

  • Are a constitutional corporation and
  • Meet a financial year reporting threshold of either the level of greenhouse gas emissions generated, or the amount of energy consumed or produced

Registered corporations must then report their greenhouse gas emissions and energy use and production for each year in which they meet a threshold.

Greenhouse and energy audits may only be conducted by a registered greenhouse and energy auditor. CarbonetiX have two of their energy efficiency engineers registered as NGER greenhouse and energy auditors. To maintain their registration, our registered greenhouse and energy auditors must continue to meet the eligibility requirements detailed in the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Regulations 2008.

CarbonetiX can provide your organisation with NGER compliant reporting and guide your business on ways it can minimise future carbon emissions levels.

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