Energy Efficiency Audit Training

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Increased energy efficiency will become the most important ‘fuel’ of the future. Low-cost options for reducing actual consumption – many of which are already available – offer the greatest potential for cutting CO2 emissions – International Energy Agency

How can you identify the energy efficiency opportunities within your business? How can you determine which opportunities will provide you with the greatest return on investment? How much will these energy efficiency improvements cost you? And how much energy – and money – will they save? Answer these questions and discover much more with our Energy Efficiency Audit Training. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

  • Provides a business case for energy efficiency reduction
  • Provides you with the capacity to create a reduction plan, so that you can plan intelligently
  • Allows you to review efficiency proposals with confidence
  • Understand the importance of an audit as an integral part of your energy management plan
  • Learn best practice for conducting an audit
  • Benefit from proven, well developed course materials
  • Receive experienced guidance on uncovering the hidden efficiency opportunities in your organisation

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