Sustainability Webinars

Webinar 2: Council Carbon Reporting & Management

Update: This webinar has been replaced by one-on-one consultation with local council workers.

So that we can provide the most relevant Carbon Management & Reporting information to each individual, we have decided to cancel Mondays webinar and provide free individual 20-minute phone consultations to local council workers.  Please contact us to schedule your call for one of the following blocks:

BLOCK 1:  Friday 23rd March: 2PM – 4PM
BLOCK 2:  Monday 26th March: 2PM – 4PM

We made this decision because participants were expressing interest in too broad a range of topics to cover in a 1-hour presentation.

For non-local council workers, CarbonetiX apologizes for the change of plans.  Another carbon management and accounting webinar specific to business is expected to go ahead late April.

Presenter: Mark Akester

Mark Akester from CarbonetiX will be holding an online presentation covering Carbon Management & Reporting for Local Councils.

Mark is an NGERS certified greenhouse and energy auditor with over seven years experience.  His expert knowledge of the latest carbon practices has helped over 500 public and private organisations systematically report, manage and reduce carbon emissions.