Application to join the Carbonetix Sub-contractor's Register

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Years in operation:
Number of technical staff:
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Standard hours of operation:
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Please indicate if you have relevant skills & experience by checking the appropriate box.

  Building Automation Systems (BAS) / Building Management Systems (BMS)
  Commercial lighting
  Industrial control (e.g. Programmable Logic Controllers)
  Power Factor Correction
  Soft starters
  Variable speed drives
  Voltage Reduction
  Voltage Reduction

  Commercial rainwater capture
  Commercial swimming pools
  Evaporative coolers
  Heating control systems
  Hydronic heating systems (major maintenance, balancing, commissioning)
  Low flow shower heads
  LPG to natural gas conversions
  Retrofit of pipe insulation
  Roof mounted, wind-powered ventilators
  School heating appliances
  Solar hot water (commercial)

Air Conditioning
  Fresh air balancing
  Damper adjustment to meet fresh air requirements
  Evaporative coolers
  HVAC controls
  Hydronic system balancing
  Packaged systems
  Refrigeration controls
  Split systems
  Swimming pool hall heating and ventilation
  VAV aircon systems


Please provide details for three customers/clients who would be willing to provide a reference over the phone:

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Safety Record

  1. Have you ever received any warnings or been fined by Energy Safe Victoria (and its predecessor organisations e.g. Office of the Chief Electrical Inspectors)?
    Yes / No
  2. Have you or any of your staff ever been seriously injured while at work?
    Yes / No

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