Energy Doctor Checkups

How will your business cope if power bills double by 2015?

This is the reality facing small and medium sized businesses across Australia.  Negotiating better rates or switching providers may give some relief, but to really save on utility costs your business must become energy efficient.  Our experts can show you how.

How does it work?

  • First, an experienced energy efficiency assessor will conduct a one hour ‘walk-through’ assessment of your business and discuss your electricity costs
  • Second, an analysis of the information collected is performed.  The results are compiled in an Energy Doctor Check-up Repor
  • Third, you receive the report outlining no-cost and low-cost electricity savings measures.  This includes the potential savings for your business.
  • Fourth, you implement all (or some) of our recommendations and start saving on energy bills.

Our Customers

One Melbourne retailer, fed up with spending around $4,500 annually on electricity, received an Energy Doctor check up. Our report identified a number of small, low cost changes.
The store owner made the changes straight away.  To her amazement, when the very next bill arrived, electricity costs had dropped by 30%.

What are the benefits?

  • Identify low cost/no-costs ways to reduce energy consumption
  • Provides an estimate of the potential electricity bill savings
  • Includes ways to become a more sustainable business


  • If spending under $10,000 a year on electricity: $499 plus GST
  • If spending $10,000-$20,000 / yr on electricity: $999 plus GST
  • If your business spends $20,000+ on electricity, see our other solutions

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