NCOS – National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) Case Study

The Challenge
In 2012, Moreland City Council sought to become recognised as ‘carbon neutral’ under the National Carbon Offset
Standard (NCOS). NCOS is the only Federal Government supported standard for carbon neutrality in Australia.
With XX staff, YY buildings and ZZ vehicles, applying to be NCOS was a huge task. Across all of Moreland City Council’s
operations, analysis of a range of emissions sources was required.

The Project Scope
• All Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions for which Council had operational control (OC) and financial control (FC)
• Several Scope 3 GHG emissions for which council had FC but not OC
The NCOS application needed to included emissions sources such as: transport fuels, stationary fuels, natural gas,
fugitive emissions, lubricants, electricity, contractor fuels, water, natural gas, waste disposal, office paper and flights.
Moreland City Council sought the expert assistance of Mark Akester, a senior CarbonetiX consultant. Mark’s full
bio is available on page 2.

Project Deliverables
• Establish the organisational, operational and financial control boundaries of MORELAND CITY COUNCIL
• Analyse and qualify all data sets to construct a Greenhouse Gas Inventory
• Complete all requirements of the NCOS Carbon Neutral Application
• Qualify the NCOS application through an Independent Verification process
• Submit a successful NCOS Carbon Neutral Application Package for FY11/12

“Mark was an excellent help, his technical expertise and thorough understanding of the NCOS process and detailed greenhouse inventory was invaluable. Mark worked closely with our team and went the extra mile to help us meet our deadline." - Laura Lynch, ESD Unit Manager, Moreland City Council