Audits – Murrindindi Shire Council Green Building Program


Murrindindi Shire Council engaged CarbonetiX to audit seven of their highest energy consuming sites and produce an engagement video for internal and community stakeholders.  Sites audited included the Municipal Offices, Alexandra Library, Council Chambers and Shire Hall, and two community centres.  The audits were funded through the Victorian Adaptation & Sustainability Partnership.


To identify and document opportunities to reduce energy, operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions for Council’s highest energy consuming sites

To inform the development of an Energy Management Program and business case for Council

Empower stakeholders to act on the recommendations put forward by CarbonetiX through the production of a 10 minute stakeholder engagement video


A range of opportunities were identified during the on-site assessments, enabling the following key benefits:

Reduced electricity bills

Reduced C02 emissions

Reduce operational costs

Stakeholder Engagement Video

A 10 minute video was produced by CarbonetiX in collaboration with the Council to engage internal and community stakeholders.

Visit the CarbonetiX website and watch the video here –


The Green Building Program identified a range of opportunities to reduce electricity consumption and associated costs and emissions. If Council were to implement each of these actions, they would reduce their emissions by 163 t CO2 –e annually, with a return on investment of 5 years.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism displayed by CarbonetiX. Graham was a fantastic support through the project, and was willing to assist with further questions and assistance when asked. CarbonetiX really understood what we needed, and went out of their way to ensure that the project was delivered in a way that met our needs. I liked this approach, because it was personal and did not feel like a template/one size fits all approach to delivery”. Zoe Stephens, Coordinator Environmental Programs