CarbonetiX has provided an ICT based online database and associated system (SmartPortal) for several years

SmartPortal enables you to track and report energy use and greenhouse emissions. A range of technologies are integrated into the system to facilitate the management of data:

– Streamlined batch upload (either from retailers or internal sources)
– NEM12 emailed/FTP data (interval data from on-site meters)
– API data (data from non NEM meters)
– Manual entry

CarbonetiX includes the initial establishment of the database software, a minimum of 12 months of licensing upon practical completion and the ability to extend licensing on an annual basis as needed.

The SmartPortal Data Management Software has been developed in-house by CarbonetiX over the last 8 years. Initially developed to assist local government with their data management and strong carbon reporting focus, the software also interested state sector organisations like Country Fire Authority, Metropolitan Fire Authority and The National Gallery of Victoria.

Over that 8 year period the software has been tuned and enhanced to provide our client base with a well-rounded, streamlined, comprehensive system to record information and provide intuitive reporting.

SmartPortal Data Management Software

• Establishes and monitors your organisation’s carbon footprint
• Tracks Carbon Emissions, Electricity, Gas, Water, Vehicle use, Air travel emissions, waste, oil, lubricant and Paper use
• Reports for internal and Government requirements
• Forward forecasting of emissions, cost and energy
• Builds a business case to save money and reduce emissions through the Savings Measures feature which allows you to compile a list of savings actions and calculate the net results if some or all were implemented
• Identifies and targets sites that require special attention
• Educates staff on environmental issues in the work place
• Automatic alerts via email when usage deviates from set parameters
• Secure online access anywhere, anytime by multiple concurrent users
• Invoice creation, automated billing functionality