Lighting & Audits – Scope Victoria: Audit to Action


Scope is a not-for-profit organisation that works to support those living with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities. They support more than 6000 people at home, school and in the community, with  numerous service locations across Victoria.


Scope engaged CarbonetiX to audit four of their highest energy consuming sites and identify energy efficiency opportunities. These opportunities were put forward in an application for funding through the Australian Government’s Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP).  The funding application was successful and CarbonetiX was then engaged to project manage the delivery of a range of energy efficiency measures and produce an engagement video to communicate Scope’s sustainability endeavours to internal stakeholders.


  • To identify and document opportunities to reduce energy, operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions for four of Scope’s highest energy consuming sites
  • Provide a business case for Scope as part of a funding application for improving energy efficiency
  • Communicate what Scope is doing to reduce energy amongst internal stakeholders, raise awareness of actions everyone can take to further reduce energy and support  the organisations commitment to sustainability


The multifaceted project identified an implemented the following initiatives:

  • Installed 766 T5 fluorescent adaptor lamps
  • Installed 50 induction high-bay lamps
  • Installed timers on boiling water dispensers and vending machines
  • Adjusted domestic hot water thermostat
  • Produced a 5 minute engagement and awareness video in collaboration with Scope


The implementation of efficiency measures, combined with education campaigns such as “turn off” resulted in significant reductions in electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The development of the engagement video involved individuals throughout the organisation, and provided Scope with a valuable educational and representative tool to use to inspire further sustainability actions and measures.

Throughout the whole project, CarbonetiX has been responsive to our requirements and timeline. From energy assessments to video production, the services provided have been professional and high quality. Scope