Environmental Policy


CarbonetiX Pty Ltd is a provider of energy management services, which cover energy, water & waste audits and associated services. CarbonetiX’s operations are based in Victoria, Australia. This Policy applies to all of CarbonetiX’s activities.

We will demonstrate this commitment by:

  • Seeking economic ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We will take all viable opportunities to reduce waste and recycle materials and provide customers with information on how to use energy efficiently and safely.
  • Measuring, monitoring and reviewing environmental performance as part of our normal management reporting and review processes, ensuring that the opportunity is taken to learn from our own performance and from external developments so that we can continuously improve environmental management.
  • Training and supporting staff to work within the environmental framework and to reduce their personal lifestyle impacts.
  • Separating our office wastes into reusable, recyclable, compost and true waste components.
  • Reducing the energy, water and paper intensity of our office.
  • Purchasing Green Power.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by staff using public transport to see clients wherever possible, and encourage staff to ride, walk or catch public transport to work.
  • Reducing the amount of waste we produce, and maximising the amount reused and recycled.
  • Striving for continual improvement in our environmental performance and take the necessary steps to minimise the impact of any environmental harm or nuisance.
  • Improve on environmental management, with results and progress on improvements initiatives reported to staff regularly.