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What’s happened at Copenhagen?

There was a tremendous build up to this international climate conference. There was lots of anticipation by the public. It was declared to be the ‘most important international gathering of our time’. Peaceful public demonstrations all around the world intensified as the date of the conference approached. People in numerous countries publicly declared that they … Read more

Is Climate Change natural or human-induced?

I have compiled the following information as a response to a friend of mine (Arjan) who has been following the Ian Plimer arguments against human induced Climate Change in his recently published book ‘Heaven and Earth’. I thought it would be a good idea to share the main points with others regarding the release of this controversial book. I can’t really analyse the scientific evidence because I’m not a climate scientist nor am I qualified in any similar fields. For this I rely on others who have the knowledge and experience. But I believe it is important to look at both views on the subject to keep the conversation going. Read more

You have SPAM with a huge carbon footprint

You may have come across this news item a couple of months ago but it is worth taking another look. Although, the study was conducted by a major spam-ware corporation, it is clear that junk e-mails have a huge carbon footprint. (image: www.fotolia.com) Anything powered by electricity emits greenhouse gases. Recently research was conducted in … Read more