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LED lighting continues to get better and better, with more and more products now available. Sydney based company Enlighten now have a “back of house” light suited to carparks, fire stairs and intermittently used corridors that incorporates both high efficiency LEDs and a occupancy sensor to turn the light on and off. The fitting has … Read more

Renewable Energy Crowded Out

THE proportion of Australia’s energy produced from renewable sources such as wind and hydro has declined dramatically over the past 50 years, a new report shows. Despite all the policy implementations and public awareness campaigns, Australian’s are getting a smaller proportion of their energy from renewable sources. The report by consultancy group Green Energy Markets … Read more

Is a carbon tax likely to foster the more efficient use of energy? Only if it produces a price shock.

A carbon tax is only likely to foster the much more efficient use of energy, and substantially reduce carbon emissions, if it provides a price shock. Supply/demand economics says that the demand for a product is inversely proportional to price, the higher the price the lower the demand. In theory, as a carbon tax would … Read more

The TV stations don’t. Fairfax doesn’t. News Corp doesn’t. The NY Times Does

Across Australia power bills are going up and the climate is clearly changing. So you would think that our mainstream media would be  bringing us good news stories about how we can cut our power bills and reduce carbon emissions, with a fast payback on investment. But no. The focus is doom and gloom.The reporting … Read more

Warning: Australia’s Greenhouse Emissions are on the rise!

It has been a turbulent time during the last few weeks regarding the climate change issue. There have been a number of natural disasters all around Australia all linked to weather pattern changes. Although, some may argue that these would have happened anyway –saying that these have nothing to do with global warming- it is … Read more